Ten-year-old Nicole lives in the Jamaican countryside with her older sister Yellow Girl. Sick and tired of the sexual abuse and violence that surrounds them, Nicole is faced with a difficult decision.


Since the day she was born, Nicole has watched Yellow Girl sell herself in order to provide for them both. She dreams of learning to swim and imagines a day where they will make it across the river and escape the brutality. Their sisterhood is rooted in trust and their reality entrenched in pain. 


On her birthday, the day she hopes to finally submerge into the water, everything changes. Nicole must decide how far she is willing to go in order to protect her sister. 

 The feeling of the movie will portray the vitality of a third-world atmosphere in addition to the mystical feeling of the water. A story of two broken and damaged girls united through courage.

Like the water, Nicole does not resist. She flows. She goes where she wants and nothing can stand against her. She is fluid, soft and yielding. Water wears away rock, which is rigid and hard, and so does Nicole. Her softness and resilience are what stand against the harm and violence that she faces daily. ​​

director's statement

YELLOW GIRL AND ME was a necessary and important film for me to make because as a Jamaican woman, I am constantly disappointed to see how Jamaicans are represented on the screen. This story portrays a tough reality in the Jamaican countryside, but one that showcases the creativity and vibrance that lives within its people. One with sisterhood andforgiveness at its core. As women, I believe that we are connected like some sort of spiderweb. If one part vibrates we all feel it. I believe that sisterhood is the strongest andmost dynamically beautiful bond possible.

This story was inspired by a dear friend and fearless warrior, Nicole Robertson. Nicole went deaf at a young age and since then has fought for her life and happiness. The concept oflosing one of your senses fascinates me and this film is for audiences to emphasize with anexperience they do not have access to.

From a very young age I always gravitated towards the people who felt unseen. Only humans choose to love and I envision a day where the stories we tell and the storytellerswe trust are rooted in creating characters where minorities are given the opportunity to beheard and loved. Jamaican women have shaped my life and as a storyteller, I am inspired toshare this resilience with audiences around the world.

Everyone has a desire to feel secure and to belong in the word. Looking at these desires form a child’s perspective allows you to see it in it’s most pure form. For Nicole, stability and freedom comes from the water, and like the water, Nicole does not resist, she flows.Nothing can stand in her way.

My objective in making this film is to create an experience for the audience that allows them to further connect with the marginalized. It is to create an experience that inspires theviewer to see themselves on the screen and in one another.

- Isabella Issa