Nicole Roberston

Nicole was adopted at age 16 by Carol and David Roberston in Kingston, Jamaica. She is currently 28 years-old and pursues her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She works as a sign language tutor at the University of the West Indies Linguistics and Philosophy Department, as well as and at  the Aviation University of the Americas. Nicole graduated from The Edna Manley School of The Arts and has prepared and exhibited her collections in her very own fashion shows. 

When Nicole was born she was left at the doorstep of an old albino prostitute named Yellow Mother. She grew up in a community of abusers. At the age of five, Nicole began to experience immense ear ache and her records show that she could have suffered from meningitis. She recalls never being able to hear clearly, and constantly being mocked for the way she spoke. This all ended when she scratched her ear with a match stick, bursting her ear drum and going deaf. Nicole was taken from her home and transferred to different living shelters, until eventually getting adopted. 

“To have my story become a short film created by Bella would be a great testimony of what God can do in the life of a young girl. It would be a way to show everyone that it doesn’t matter where you start or what challenges you have, God can work through you and your circumstances to touch the lives of others and achieve His plan for your life.” 


Reflecting on her early life, Nicole says she didn’t think about the experiences as negative because that was normal for her. She didn’t know that there was a way of life other than that. She thought that abuse was ordinary. “I guess because I was deaf everyone seemed so aggressive. Today, I am happy to have my own mom and dad, and well, to be able to dream.”